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About Us

Nerds “R” Us is a friendly, mobile computer repair service.  Our Brisbane-based company is a small commercial organisation that has been successfully conducting business for over 10 years.  This means we know what we’re doing and how to provide a 1st Class service to you, our valued clients.  In terms of our experience in the computer industry, one of the Directors who manages Nerds R Us has been in the Information & Technology industry since the 90s and our Customer Service Manager programmed her first computer in 1984.

We negotiate specific appointment times with our customers because we know how frustrating it is to wait while a ‘window’ of 4 hours or more ticks by.  You can make an appointment from early ’til late during the week or at any time over the week-end at no extra charge.  We do not charge a ‘call-out’ fee, but we may charge a small travel fee if your premises is located more than 30 minutes from the city centre.

Our technicians are fully trained in-house and have to pass rigorous proficiency tests before they can become a fully fledged Nerd, capable of looking after our valued clients.  More importantly, we are committed to providing a service that offers exceptional value for money with a level of professionalism that is used as a benchmark by our competitors.  Finally, we promise to communicate with you in plain, non-technical English and to keep you coming back we offer you the best customer service in this industry.  We don’t have any unhappy customers because we go out of our way to ensure your satisfaction with our work.