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Computer Repairs

We’ve all been there … just when you least expect it, your PC grinds to a halt or dies for no apparent reason and it’s always at the worst possible time.  Unlike computer manufacturer’s support lines, we won’t keep you waiting on the phone for ages and we won’t waste your time telling you to try this and try that.  The fact is, you can’t ring a doctor and ask what’s wrong with you over the phone.  Your doctor has to examine the patient to give an accurate diagnosis and recommend a course of treatment.  That’s exactly what we do.  We come to you and give you an accurate assessment in plain English.  You’ll know how long it will take and how much it’ll cost to get your PC or laptop back into tip-top shape.  We’ll guarantee that if we can’t get you up and running, you won’t pay a single cent.  And just remember … no job is too big or small for our Nerds.